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Promotional LanyardWelcome to Delisimo. Delisimo are a international media company providing different marketing material to a number of different clients throughout the world. These includes the company that continue to run events with promotional items such as lanyards, ID Cards or banners.


We try take the conventional marketing material and send them to the 21st century with our interesting ideas and twists that are proven to work. Having worked with a number of people for years it has allowed us to build quite a large database of clients and data that we are able to use with all our future marketing campaigns.

The one product we particular specialise in is Lanyards. Lanyards are a neck strap that goes around the neck to can hold a number of different promotional items or things such as staff ID cards. We work closely with a custom lanyard company that help us to create them. We work with them closely as we find the combination of there graphic design skills and our creative ideas help us to create the perfect lanyard.

Lanyards are often not valued for very much but in reality they are very handy as they help keep things like your keys or staff id cards close by you and always remain safe. Lanyards can be made in many different type of ways this can often depend on things like the material being used or requested or what the purpose of the lanyard is for. Some require a more security or a crisper finish to there these may need to made using the silk screen printing lanyard and rather than the other method of dye sub. For more information on how these lanyards can be customised see some of the personalised lanyard examples on the following page http://www.lesar.co.uk/personalised-lanyard .


Not only this but it has led to us being able to be involved in new aspects of business including ID and security. Please contact us for a quote for more information.